My Values

My success as an entrepreneur is not the result of luck. It took years of hard work, dedication and motivation to go from a quiet, blue-collar midwestern girl into the thriving business executive I am today.

Much of what I’ve become has been forged over time through some of the adversities I have experienced. 

One of the hardest things I have experienced in my life came from discrimination in the workplace. 

After I met my husband, it wasn’t long before I became an integral part of his trucking company and learned the inner workings of his Fortune 200 business. 

But I wanted more than just to help with the day-to-day operations. I wanted to get out on the road. Despite some grumblings from friends and family, I pursued my CDL license and hit the road. 

At my first interstate rest stop, it didn’t take long before I turned some heads as a female trucker. I instantly felt the negative energy emanating from the other drivers in that male-dominated industry. On one occasion, another trucker ‘accidentally’ spilled his coffee on me- but I knew it was no accident. I carried on anyway, staying focused on my mission. 

That continuous discrimination was an important part of my life story as it helped me learn how to fight an uphill battle. Since then, I’ve endured other obstacles throughout my personal and professional life that shaped who I am today. From spending too much time behind the desk and losing valuable family time I’ll never get back, to questioning the strength of my marriage –  I’ve learned a lot.

Sure, I’ve made my share of mistakes- who hasn’t.

But it helped me develop an important set of values that I carry on to this day. And important values for success as a woman in today’s world are:


This is the ability to drive on despite challenges and obstacles. When most other people would quit, those with perseverance will drive on and not stop until they reach their goals.


Leadership is not just about telling people what to do. It's about being there for other people when they need it and showing them the way. I am always looking for ways to help people, to lead them, to show them what to do- that’s what will make you a success. 


Setbacks happen- that’s part of doing business. It how you bounce back from it that determines how successful you are in business. The most successful people have a high degree of resilience.


Courage isn’t the absence of fear, it’s pushing forward anyway despite that fear. In business and in life, there are many things that can scare us, but courage will help us get through it to succeed.


Determined people find ways to succeed. They don’t embrace excuses, they find solutions. Like math, there are usually multiple ways to find the answer. And determined people will find the way no matter what.

These are exactly the values that will be applied to you, our client. We want you to know what drives us and how that will benefit you. Rest assured, my experience as a business executive will translate directly to you and your future success story.

What legacy do YOU want to leave the world?