Renee knew from a very early age that doing make-up wasn’t just a way to look better- it was a creative outlet. And like any artist, Renee wanted to follow her passion and continue to improve her craft.

After high school, Renee enrolled in beauty school and quickly landed her first job after graduating. As she fine-tuned her craft, she eventually pursued a specialty area. 

“I started doing acrylic nails. But then I started doing make-up for body builders and fitness competitors,” Renee said.

And to this day she continues the unique craft of make-up artistry. But she readily admits that doing make-up for fitness competitors and brides is fun, but not her favorite. 

“My favorite kind of make-up is the ‘craziest shit’ possible. Things like glamour, editorial photo shoots, Halloween… say no more,” she said. 

“I start getting Halloween bookings every Halloween for the next year. And the crazier the better. If you want to be a zombie, Cleopatra, an alien… that’s what I want to do.”

But she didn’t stop there. She found another activity that she excelled at and, like her art, is displayed for the world to see.


Modeling is not just a gift that only certain people have. It takes dedication and hard work to excel at that, too. And now she found a way to incorporate both make-up artistry and modeling in her daily life. 

“I realized that not only do I want to be the person behind the camera doing the hair and make-up, I kind of wanted to be the person in front of the camera,” Renee said.

As a young adult, Renee discovered how fitness and exercise will directly affect her ability to be a successful model. 

With a friend as a professional photographer by her side, the two went to work. Renee has since grown a large social media following for her modeling photos and found a way to monetize them. 

One of her strategies for success is to always pursue what feels right, regardless of what other people may think or say. And that’s the message she wants to share with other women. 

“It’s all about feeling better about you. It’s just about that person in the mirror. Just do you and everybody else’s opinion does not matter,” Renee said. 

Her lasting words are a testament to her commitment to improve herself in way possible- sound advice for anyone. 

To follow Renee Mattos on social media, visit her Instagram @mindful_mattos

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