Trudy Jacobson presents: Amber Hall, The Beauty Halls

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Amber is the complete embodiment of what a true entrepreneur is; dedicated, motivated, ambitious. At just the tender age of 26, she owns and runs her own retail make-up and beauty business.
But it wasn’t a simple, and certainly not an easy path- especially considering she is a single mother.
As a woman with a love for beauty and a healthy appearance, Amber enrolled into Dermatology school to take up a specialty with injectables. But she was quickly thrown a considerable curve ball.
“When I was in school, they changed it where you had to be an RNP (registered nurse practitioner) which added two more years. As a new mother, I had some mom guilt, so I decided to drop out of nursing school,” Amber said.
She still pursued her passion and found a way to start her business and learn to master her craft. Much of what she learned was self-taught by way of Googling and how-to YouTube videos.
What’s even more impressive, she built her business from the ground up, with virtually no resources.
“I had absolutely no money when I started. I was waiting tables and as I made money, one night I’d pay bills and whatever I had left over, I’d go buy more supplies to run my business,” Amber said.
But the best of Amber’s business comes when she is able to help clients who are undergoing significant personal struggles, especially health related.
“When I have people that come in that have thyroid issues or cancer, a high drop of estrogen makes them lose their hair. They come to me and they’re like ‘I have nothing, I don’t feel like walking out of the house until I have a full face of make-up on.’” She continued, “I come in and do a procedure that takes about two hours and makes them happy, makes their lives easier.”
Amber does have people question her experience due to her age, but for those clients she does work for, they couldn’t be happier.
She accomplished a lot by following some golden rules.
“Just remember that life does not owe you anything, you get what you put out,” Amber said.
She credits most of her success from meditation and manifesting. Manifesting is knowing what you want in life, setting goals, and repeatedly thinking about strategies to help you achieve your goals.
“Once I really knocked down and read some books and figured out this whole place is of energy and if you’re not putting in the work, you’re not showing up, and you’re not waking up every day on a mission, life isn’t going to give it back to you,” she said.
Amber is a truly inspiring success story.
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