A lot of Americans have misconceptions about human trafficking. Many believe it’s a third-world problem, or that it’s about kidnapping people or that it couldn’t happen to them or anyone they know.

That is inaccurate.

The fact is it happens every day in America. It involves an entire process beyond kidnapping that could easily happen to anyone regardless of socioeconomic status.

And there’s one expert who knows this – Kara Smith.

But she’s not just sitting on the sidelines hoping the problem will improve on its own; she’s on the frontlines of the epidemic because she understands how devastating the problem is.

“A lot of women think that human trafficking can’t happen to them, can’t happen to their children and their daughters. But… it is happening primarily here in the United States,” Kara said.  

Kara explains that trafficking often begins online. Any young female can go on social media and publicly post about herself and her troubles and gain the attention of a trafficker. And that’s how simple it begins.

“A trafficker is not going to just come out and tell you ‘Hey, I want to sell you’. They’re going to learn who you are, learn what your vulnerabilities are and then become your best friend or your boyfriend,” Kara said.

She continued, “Then they’re going to manipulate you and then slowly groom you into thinking that selling yourself is an acceptable way of life.”

Kara works with a non-profit organization known as DeliverFund. The organization investigates trafficking networks and works with law enforcement to go after those involved. She is driven by the fact that she has children of her own and the thought of them becoming trafficked is troubling enough.

Now she wants to be part of the solution to help the victims and their families.

Kara invites you to help in the fight against trafficking by donating to their cause to help end the trafficking epidemic.

To learn more about DeliverFund or to donate, visit their website at www.DeliverFund.org. And follow her on Instagram.

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