Trudy Jacobson presents: Katalin Fodor, Professional Photographer

Kat Fodor photographer

Katalin, or ‘Kat’ as most people call her, knew from a very early age that she loved photography. As a ten-year-old girl, Kat emptied her piggy bank and mustered up $100 of which every penny of it went towards purchasing disposable cameras for her school trip to Disney. By the time the trip was done, she expended every last camera.
That trip solidified her passion for photography and she knew what she wanted to do for the rest of her life.
Since her discovery, she has narrowed down her focus to capture raw, unfiltered emotion. Much of which can be found between the love of two people.
“I think it’s really cool to capture all their love and how they’re feeling. It’s more of their candid shots- not like those pose, traditional prom [type] pictures,” Kat said.
She knew that photography was a mainstay in her life but faced the challenge of how to make a living at it. After she started an official photography business, she learned how difficult it was running a business and struggled with marketing and getting her name out there.
Kat took on a side gig as an Uber driver to stay afloat financially while she was trying to build her photography business. Eventually, she succeeded. Now she offers advice to other entrepreneurs about the challenges of growing a business.
“It takes a while to get the ball rolling but with persistence, it pays off. Just keep doing what you love, and the money will come,” Kat said.
Kat freely admits that being an entrepreneur has its downside. She recalls moments of frustration having to deal with clients and untimely phone calls during personal time.
But entrepreneurship is in her blood. She made peace with that part of the business because that’s what entrepreneurs do- they adapt, overcome and achieve great things.
And that’s exactly the message she wants to share with women everywhere.
“I wake up every day excited because I show up for myself and I like that I can do everything at my own pace,” Kat said.

For more about Katalin ‘Kat’ Fodor and to check out her stunning photographs, check out her Instagram page @fodorfotos

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Who is Trudy Jacobson?
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